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    The Burbank Unified School District, provides support using the   (WSCC) approach.

    The whole school integrates health and wellness policies, programs, and practices in collaboration with community resources and families for a unified and collaborative approach to support the academic and personal well-being of every child. 

    • School Health and Safety Policies
    • Health Education
    • Physical Education and Physical Activity Programs
    • Nutrition Environment and Services
    • School Health Services
    • School Counseling, Psychological, and Social Services
    • Social and Emotional Climate
    • Physical Environment
    • Employee Wellness and Health Promotion
    • Family Engagement
    • Community Involvement

    Collaborative Approaches for Healthy Outcomes and Academic Success       

    Burbank Unified School District Wellness Programs and Services

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    Dr. John Paramo, 成人抖音破解版appAssistant Superintendent, Educational Services

    Lenora Aguilera, Lead Nurse        lenoraaguilera@burbankusd.org

    Sharon Shultz, Senior Secretary      sharonshultz@burbankusd.org