• Overview:

    成人抖音破解版appThe Budget Committee is facilitated by the Assistant Superintendent of Administrative Services. The purpose of the committee is to inform district staff how the District’s budget works, budget assumptions, LCFF and LCAP process, and provide an opportunity to ask questions about and comment upon District budget documents. Additionally, the committee provides input and feedback for consideration. Committee representation is made up from various members of District administration, BTA representatives and CSEA representatives.

    Committee Member:

    Employee Associations

    Lori Adams                       BTA – Teacher, Burbank High School

    成人抖音破解版appPatrick Carmen                 BTA – Teacher, John Burroughs High School

    Mary Hyman                     CSEA President – Guidance Program Technician II, Jordan Middle School

    成人抖音破解版appNancy Snowden                CSEA – Assessment and Accountability Technician, Instructional Services


    成人抖音破解版appRobyn Anders                    Assistant Principal of Athletics and Activities, John Burroughs High School

    成人抖音破解版appLiz Costella                        Principal, McKinley Elementary School

    成人抖音破解版appAlyssa Low                        Director of Budet and Finance


    Matt Hill                             Superintendent

    David Jaynes                      Assistant Superintendent of Administrative Services


    Meeting Schedule:

    The committee meets once a month.

    Meeting Information: