COVID-19 Student and Family Digital Resource Center

Superintendent's Communications

Academic Resources for Distance/Digital Learning

  • Attendance Procedures for Distance Learning

  • California State Library Resources

  • Free Online Access from Spectrum and other vendors

  • Instructional Technology Family Support Site

  • Parent Portal Weekly Progress Reports (Secondary)

  • U.S. Dept of Education Student Privacy Policy Office letter to Dr. Hill and LEA Report

Technology Training Tips and Problem-Solving

  • College Criteria & Admissions Updates

Supporting Students At Home

  • Structuring Your Day

  • Creating a Virtual Study Group

Mental Health Resources

  • Mental Health Resources

  • LGBTQ Support

Coronavirus Information

  • BUSD COVID Containment and Exposure Management Plans

  • Updated Coronavirus Information and LInks

  • COVID 19 Testing


Other Family Resources

  • Immunizations and Physician Visits

  • Childcare Resources

  • Other Family Resources

Nutritional Support and Keeping Active

  • P-EBT Benefits

  • Nutrition & Healthy Eating

  • Keeping Active

  • Additional Nutritional Support and Resources