• The District faces a significant budget gap next year and beyond. The Governor’s May Revision of the State’s 2020-2021 budget incorporated deep cuts to its education budget, severely impacting the budgets of California school districts for the next fiscal year and the foreseeable future. Please continue to email Governor Newsom to accept the Legislator’s adopted budget so that we do not have to cut our schools by 10%.

    The survey below presents reduction options to address the 2020-2021 budget deficit. Please rank the reduction options in order of items to be eliminated first to last. If you indicate a “1” that would mean this is something you feel should be reduced first, before anything else. There are two sections:

    Section 1 ranks cuts from LCAP Supplemental Grant (1 through 12)
    Section 2 ranks cuts from LCAP Base Grant (1 through 20)

    Budget Survey Definitions  Armenian  Spanish

    Potential LCAP Supplemental Reduction Options

    LCAP slide in Armenian  Spanish

     Potential Base Grant Reduction Options

    Base Grant slide in Armenian  Spanish

    Additional information on the proposed reductions may be found at:
    District’s LCAP Website

    Please contact Debbie Kukta with any questions you may have in completing the survey. Results will be updated periodically on the “Budget Transparency” page on the District’s website.



    We'd love to hear from you.  Please email us at 

    Budget Reduction Feedback

    • Please note that we tried to re-cap all of the emails received as closely as possible. Our apologies in advance if we left something out that you thought to be vital. If so, please let us know. Thank you.

Ed 100

  • Ed100 Course Seeks to Improve Understanding of the California Education System

    The Burbank Unified School District (BUSD) recently launched an initiative to encourage our stakeholders to explore , a free online course that explains the California education system—a system which is complex and changing fast.

    With lessons covering such diverse topics as public school finance, the arts, academic rigor, and success after graduation, there is a wealth of knowledge here and truly something for everyone who is looking to learn more about our education system.

    BUSD’s Board President learned about Ed100 at a District PTA meeting and thought that Ed100 would be a critical resource for parent engagement. The BUSD School Board has been encouraging staff and parents to complete the courses in order to increase their knowledge so that they can be stronger advocates for their children.

    Given the financial challenges the District is facing it is even more important for the community to understand how schools are funded and how school districts utilize the limited resources that they receive. Ed100 is a powerful tool that starts informed conversations about education within our community.

    成人抖音破解版appTo learn more about how BUSD is developing informed school communities with Ed100, .